And For My Next Trick…

Today, my 35th birthday, marks the finish line of my 35×35 self-inflicted challenge to post on this blog daily for 35 days. Harder than I thought it would be, by the way. I know some of my posts were kinda random and weird, but hey, I got it done. Moving on…I wrote a few posts ago about my quest to run one more NYC Marathon and to beat my time from 12 years ago. Well, I’m in. In November I’ll be running for the charity Camfed – Campaign For Female Education. I’m crazy excited. More details to come so please stay tuned!


About Tracey

Writer. Mother. Eater. Also Chief at Big Words Creative.


  1. Happy birthday, congratulations and good luck!

    But seriously, are you going to be blogging about your training for the NYC marathon? I have selfish reasons to ask because I’m training for a half marathon in September and could benefit from your training tips.

    • Thanks. I’ll very likely write some posts about training. I’m using one of Hal Higdon’s training programs. There’s some good info on his website –

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